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Ruian WangKe the rollers processing factory is one specialized is engaged in the manufacture, processing, producing the rollers and non-standard rollers enterprise, with over ten years' operation experience in production and processing; Our factory large lathes and the home most sophisticated cylindrical grinder several machines, according to customer requirements of various rollers, Have a good experience and technical equipment, production rollers products by new and old customers' high praise and favour.

Flourishing secco rollers processing factory mainly produces manufacturing: high accuracy rollers, mirror rollers, super mirror heating roller, cooling roller, spiral rollers, three rollers, rubber roller, blow on rubber roller, preheat roller, applicator roll, pressure roller, light compound roll, anilox roll, embossing roll, preach ink roller, coloring anilox roll, gluing anilox roll, embossing anilox roll, composite anilox roll, coating anilox roll, bump of pressing roller, teflon anti-metal roller, iron fluorine long coating roller, anti-metal screw surface roller, chrome roller, wallpaper roller, comma scraper roller, mist side roller, traction roll, metal anilox roll, printing rollers, rubber roller, arc roller, rubber roller, aluminum guide roller, flatulence shaft and other kinds of machinery accessories; Products are widely applied in: printing, coating machines, tablet (plate material) machine, cover (complex) film machine, composite machine, drench film machine, leather machine, mounted (table) card machine, plastic packaging machinery, salivate, pressure saliary equipments.

Flourishing secco rollers factory "human-centered" and "credit first" as the objective; The factory will continue on the basis of good reputation, uphold solid and development, realistic and innovative spirit to provide more comprehensive and more quality mechanical processing services; Long-term since products with its quality, stability and reliability of the operation of economy, use won the general customers! Hope our service will give you the brilliant career as a heart, preferential price and timely delivery, warmly welcome new and old customers coming guidance calls, letter and cooperation!